Meditation: God Resides Inside – Look, Listen for Him There

Meditation: God Resides Inside – Look, Listen for Him There

Meditation: God Resides Inside – Look, Listen for Him There
Inner Sound and Light Meditation Practice
Note by James Bean
     “My soul, 0 most Splendid One…where have you gone? Return again. Awake, soul of splendor, from the slumber of drunkenness into which you have fallen…follow me to the place of the Exalted World where you existed in the beginning.” (Mandaean Gnostic text from Iraq quoted in The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas, Beacon Press)

“The individual soul has decended….from the Soundles State to the essence of Sound,from Sound to Light, and finally from the realm of Light to the realm of Darkness…..[In meditation] we travel back from the realm of Darkness to the realm of Light, from the Light to Divine Sound, and from the realm of Sound to the Soundless State.” (Sant Seviji Maharaj)

“Look for and search for God within yourself, within your own body. God resides inside – look for him there. The white point shines straight ahead and twinkles. You must concentrate in sushumna [inner passage or tunnel, central channel, middle path**] by leaving the restlessness of the mind behind. Where the subtle sounds vibrate in the ajna chakra [third eye center, point between the eyebrows**], stay and make your dwelling. The Door is subtle and sushumna is the Point or Window. With great effort, you can go through.” (Sant Maharishi Mehi)

** NOTE: ajna chakra, sushumna nadi tube: Accessing the Third Eye Center and the tunnel of Light, in meditation with eyes closed, has been described as like looking at a blank movie screen waiting for the movie to begin. In this case, the “movie” is inner vision: the manifestation of Divine Light. Maharishi Mehi described a bright white twinkling light. This has been called by the Sants of India: “Jagmag Jyoti” or the Twinkling Light that emanates from the astral Thousand Petal Lotus region (Sahans-dal Kanwal).

The Third Eye Center is also known as The Seat of the Soul. When one goes within, in addition to the possibility of contemplating Divine Light, in this world of Inner Space there is also the possibility of hearing “subtle sounds vibrating” (Maharishi Mehi). This is referring to the Inner Sound Current or Music of the Spheres, the Sound coming from Beyond the Silence (Logos, Word, AUM, HU, Tao, Nada, Shabda, Saunt-e Sarmad, Song of the Creator). Often people first hear the Astral Bell Sound, a kind of ringing, like a bell that has been struck that keeps on reverberating …. forever. This ringing comes when we concentrate, and like the Light, seems to “disappear” when we loose concentration and leave off our meditation practice. The Sound and the Light are really still there, it is only our attention (surat) that has shifted.

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