Do You Remember Who You Were Before Time Began?

Do You Remember Who You Were Before Time Began?

Do You Remember Who You Were Before Time Began?
By James Bean
Copyright March 2005
An enormous cosmos is out there;
many voices trying to convince us
of the merits of their path,
and the merits of their destination.
Many yogas.
Many meditations.
Many breaths.
Many lives.
Many lights in
dark matter skies
yet more dark skies.
Many caught in dreams
of separation.
Many asleep
who have forgotten
who they were
before time began,
who they still are,
Truth be told.

A dis-incarnate channeled spirit
is not a worthy guide,
having never been in the human form,
and may not even have much love for humanity.
Biological infestation are we?
A dis-incarnate spirit
is impossible to know.
One has only words to go by.
Many avatars attempt to
vacuum up souls with words,
taking them to various realms of
mental or
Misdirected perception
is another name for the work of
an Archon,
a Demiurge,
a Kal Niranjan,
a Collector of the energy of souls.

There’s religion
for every chakra,
and a religion
for every realm
of creation.
Materialists proclaim,
“This is all there is.”
An astral guide
will never guide
the astral.
Astrals take souls to that realm saying,
“You’ve made it.”
Worshippers of “Universal Mind”
they have created
the highest reality.
But it is no longer a prison
when we are free to leave.

Moving beyond the soul-neglected state
of God-denial and all the spiritual poverty thereof,
The Atman Project….
With a living teacher-who has-a-body
(not a holy book),
one has the potential opportunity
to evaluate,
if they are genuine
or fraud;
a monster,
or the em-body-ment of
from Above,
a Light appearing to us
in the darkness of contemplation.
Enoch had a body.
Buddha had a body.
Christ had a body.
Valentinus had a body.
Shams had a body.
Rumi had a body.
Hafiz had a body.
Nanak had a body.
Kabir had a body.
Dharam Das had a body.
Gobind Singh had a body.
Paltu had a body.
Dariya had a body.
Tulsi had a body.
Shiv Dayal had a body.
Living Ones,
not held captive
by centuries long gone by,
also have bodies
in the living
Somewhere close by
through perhaps
there is path about you,
about me –
the Path of the Soul –
“The Pearl,”
and the Lord of All Souls –
The Ocean of Love.

One asleep awakens nobody.
into the human form,
not because of
karmic debt and attachment,
but out of Compassion,
to summon us
to awakening.
They ask,
“Do you remember?”
They show us
a passage by which we may
find our way back,
riding the Holy Stream of Light-Sound,
the Audible Life-stream,
the Tao or Logos that was with us
“in the beginning,”
before time came to be.
As Kabir says,

“You have slept

for millions of years.

This morning,

will you not wake”?

Astral travelers stay
astrally confined.
Soul travelers
passing through
inner regions,
ascend through
a long tunnel,
with the Grace of
the Audible Light Stream,
the Positive Power.

the material plane,
the astral,
the causal akashic,
the mental plane,
is the Timeless Realm.
This is the Place
of Life,
the Point of Origin.
We never left Home,
only our attention.
We still are.
Our true identity
remains soul.
This is the Path of Remembrance.

When the drop returns to
Oneness with The Ocean,
all form will disappear into Formlessness.

We become
what we focus
our soul-attention upon.
If we should happen to
dwell upon
The Absolute ……….

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