0 Soul! You Have Had Enough Sleep

0 Soul! You Have Had Enough Sleep

0 Soul! You Have Had Enough Sleep
Mystic Verses By Sant Radhasoami Sahab and Commentary
By James Bean
0 Surat [soul]! You have had enough sleep.
Now get up and proceed on. Why do you
waste your capital here.

Come under the protection of Satguru.
Hold fast to Nam and get rid of all evils.

Kal strikes at you every moment.
Associate yourself with Shabd, and
throw away the load of karmas.

Why do you not wash off the impurities of
your mind now? Why do you not merge
your Surat in Shabd?

Behold the marvelous Jyoti (flame) within
yourself. Radhasoami has opened the
spring of Bhakti.
-Swami Ji Maharaj (Sant Radhasoami Sahab),Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume One, Agra, India


The attention-faculty of the soul (Surat-Nirat) usually remains dormant in most people, what some call “The Blind Eye.” Mystics portray the typical materialistic society as being a place of sleeping souls unaware of their true identity as soul, and often are even mislead by religious voices that speak about a million topics, but unfortunately, how to see and hear spiritually is usually not one of them. Sant Tulsi Sahab says, “Through the ritualism of the pundit, the whole world has been deluded. ‘Wake up, wake up!’ has been said for ages……For ages and ages, aeons and aeons, the soul has slept; who but the Saints can wake it.” And Kabir says, “For millions of years you have slept, this morning, will you not wake?”

Coming under the saran or protection of the Satguru means being summoned to awakening again, and one then learns the Methods of Sadhana or spiritual practice that make it possible for the soul to see and hear. One’s ability to see and hear is restored. This is the true “healing” of those who are blind and can not hear, and the true “resurrection from the dead” that the Master bestows upon their disciple-students or chelas.

“The capitol of life is slipping by quickly”, says Swami Ji. “Night and day, the mouse of time gnaws away at the rope of life.” (passage from the Adi Granth) Masters present the view that incarnating as sentient life provides us with the golden opportunity which should not be neglected, an opportunity for enlightenment and liberation (jivan mukti) from the Wheel of Samsara.

“Kal,” usually personified as the lord of death and illusion, is a metaphor for the false god of the universal mind or ego and all it’s limited beliefs that are constantly flooding our consciousness, striking at us every moment, attempting to confine us to the labyrinth of the lower regions, diverting our attention away from the soul or self and it’s natural habitat: the Spiritual Domain (Sach Khand, Radhasoami Dham).

The mystic terms “Surat” and “Nirat” refer to the soul’s consciousness: the attention, the ability of the soul to concentrate within, hear spiritually (Surat), see within (Nirat) and experience the bliss of higher regions.

If the Master’s Voice awakens us, and we take his or her advice, we will redirect our attention each day during meditation (Surat Shabda Yoga Practice), associate with and merge into the Shabd, the Positive Power of God, also known as: The Song of the Creator, Logos, Tao, Naam, Sound Current, Audible Life Stream, Holy Stream of Life, Sound, and Light, Saut-e Sarmad, Music of the Spheres, Sound of the Cosmic Christ, Anhad Shabad, and is known by countless other Names in the Gnostic or Mystic traditions within the world religions. The Shabad Naam, the Holy Stream of Sound and Light emanates from Sach Khand, the Spiritual Domain. It is the Positive Power of God coming from Above to take souls back Home again. It is a Force busting into the world of time and space, coming from the Timeless Realm, above Law, above Karma and Duality. It is the Path of Escape from these lower forces that otherwise keep the soul tethered to realms of mind, matter, and illusion. It is Divine Grace that lets souls go free. Thus, Masters advise us to: “wash off the impurities of the mind and throw away the load of karmas…Why not merge your soul in the Current of Divine Light and Sound.” Swami Ji said, “Behold the marvelous Flame or Light within yourself. Radhasoami has opened the spring of Bhakti”. The Lord of Your Soul has opened the spring of Love and Devotion that will transport you to the Ocean of Love.

“In the beginning was the Tao, the Tao was with God, the Tao is God.” Saint Valentinus says in his “Gospel of Truth (Sat, Haq)” found in Egypt that: “There is a Perfect Power that joins souls with the Supreme Father.” This God-Power from Above in the Sant or Radhasoami tradition of the East is called “the Shabd” or “Sound Current.” Even as the snake is captivated by the music of the recorder played by the snake-charmer, so the serpent-mind is only truly made calm and tamed by the Sound of the Divine Musician. Swami Ji Maharaj (Sant Radhasoami Sahab) says, “When one begins to hear the Shabad, one’s mind is brought under control. By no other means will it come round.” (Shabd 9, Bachan 8, Saar Bachan Radhaswami Nazam yaani Chhand Band, Volume One) Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will understand, and this is all due to the Grace of Radhasoami.

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